SfS is preparing animations of some of the SfS recommendations. The first one, which demonstrates Recommendation 026E/2008 – Access Control, has now been finalized and can be viewed under "safetyfilms" as soon as it has been processed and uploaded.
Working together for safety have moved their website to a new host. As a result some links and functions may not be working properly. If you find something that does not work, please email support@itl.no with a short description on the specific issue and iTL will fix it as soon as possible.
Working together for Safety (SfS) has developed two course plans to ensure that personnel using fall arrest equipment have the necessary competence to do so. The course plans have not yet been translated to English.

Dropped objects are still a problem in our industry. We are daily reporting incidents where the outcome of a falling object luckily is not severe.

Unfortunately we also experience that personnel have been injured and even killed.

SfS has since it was established had dropped objects on the agenda, and throughout these years we have gathered a lot of information on best practice in order to avoid falling objects.

On this page you can find the links to this information.