Samarbeid for sikkerhet has revised this handbook  and the new revision (Rev 4) is now available in both Norwegian and English.   

A Workgroup in SfS has revised recommendation 022E "Harmonisation of hoses with mechanical couplings"
As a result of Norwegian Oil and Gas Associations work on an enhanced risk perspective, a film "Black swans - an enhanced understanding of risk" and a report "Black Swans" were produced. 
A work Group in SfS has prepared a new recommendation on Seafastening on mobile offshore units.
The SfS Office will be closed in weeks 28-31. Mail will be read and responded to within a day or two.
A Workgroup in SfS has revised recommendation 009 Breathing Air.
A work group in SfS has prepared a new recommended practise for securing hoses
 SfS Recommendation 028 Pressure and Leak Testing has been revised
SfS Recommendation 015E/2005: “The Safety Delegate Service in Contractual Relationships” has been revised. The revision includes elements from SfS recommendation 03E/2001 "Statutory and regulatory imposed HSE conditions in contracts" which hence is now obsolete.
SfS recommendation 036E/2012 "Use of Habitat" has been revised. The following changes has been made:
New handbooks "Best Practise - Dropped Objects Prevention" have been printed and are available for purchase via our new portal.
SfS' Workgroup FMO (Forum for Maritime Operations) has together with Mintra made a New safety film. The theme is Safe Anchor Handling. 
Here you can find links to webpages with good search engines, Safety Flash archives and miscellaneous Safety films.
Our industry has established several arenas for learning and experience transfer and a lot of information can be found on the internet. Do you know the most common internet sites for learning? 
A Workgroup in SfS has revised Recommendation 029E 2014 Best Practice for Investigation and Inquiry into HSE Incidents.  
A new best practise, SfS recommendation 037E/2014 - Reporting of hazardous conditions, has now been finalised and approved by the SfS Board. 
SfS handbooks "Best Practise - Dropped Objects Prevention" are still very popular and in high demand. In fact so high that we were empty for a while. New books have now been printed and in Stock. 
 Recommendation 024E has been revised and now also includes the earlier recommendations 001, 002 and 004. 
SfS has been asked to provide a link to a noise calculator. Here it is:
SfS has developed a new receommendation; Recommendation 035E/2013 - Statistics and Analyses of HSE Incidents and data.
All Safety Films prepared by SfS have been collected and can now be obtained on a DVD or a USB stick. Two Versions are available; the original Version with questions and a "selfgoing Version" taht runs from start to end. these Versions have also been placed on Youtube
In addition to SfS own safety films, you can find many useful safety films on the US Chemical Safety Board website. You will find a link to the site in this article.
SfS is a member of the Program committee for the Investigation conference that will take place in Stavanger September 17- 18 September, 2013. SfS has earlier published a Best Practice for Investigations and a course plan for personnel taking part in investigations.
SfS is starting up 2 new work groups this spring. One group will revise Guideline 105 "Scaffolding" on behalf of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association. A common checklist for scaffolding will be included in this guideline. The other groups is tasked with developing a competence plan for personnel covering FES duties (Fire-, Entrance- and Safetyguard)
SfS has printed writing pads with 2013 and 2014 calendars for use on your desk. You can get these free of charge by contacting SfS via E-mail or phone.
There is a high focus on health aspects and illnesses in the Petroleum Industry. This new recommendation recommends preventive measures when doing hot work on surfaces that have been coated and/or treated earlier; e.g. painted metal surfaces.

The recommendation provides information about the health risks from chemicals that can form during thermal decay of paint or other surface treatments. It also provides advice regarding preventive measures during such hot work activities. If the surface treatment cannot be removed in another way, measures and personal protective equipment must be appropriate for the added risk that this hot work represents. In particular, surfaces that have been coated with materials including lead or asbestos are being addresses.
There is an increasing use of habitat in the petroleum industry. This can be a good method for preventing hot work from being an ignition source. The SfS recommendation provides a best practise for how to plan, design, control, operate, maintain and finally remove a habitat. It is of special importance that the integrity of the habitat is intact when you need it the most - that is in case of a gas leak: Hot work can represent an ignition, in the form of heat, also after power and gas to the habitat has been cut off - ventilation and fans must therefore be on a sperate power supply.
SfS is preparing animations of some of the SfS recommendations. The first one, which demonstrates Recommendation 026E/2008 – Access Control, has now been finalized and can be viewed under "safetyfilms" as soon as it has been processed and uploaded.
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